Hi! (*Warm hug), My name is Nikki! 

I like pictures. So that means I like coffee too. Might as well throw in tea. Grad student. Board game nights. Ice cream. Jesus. Action-packed adventures! Pew pew! Music. People watching. Busting random dance moves and making ugly faces. Laughing at my own jokes. Texting with thousands of emojis and exclamation points. Drinks over desserts. Caramel over chocolate. And ice cream. Shooting, but not dribbling. Daughter. Mom, dad, kuya, ate, grandma, tatay, nanay, inaanak. son. haha. Sushi, curry, ramen, heck...curry ramen, mediterranean, tofu house, tacos, cheese, kare-kare, sinigang, spring rolls, avocado smoothies,  and Ice cream... Coffee ice cream. Let's be friends?